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I love to rock to the Blues, and everyone I know in the Blues world feels much the same way. So why do I say this, because the new JW Jones’ CD release “MY KIND of EVIL” rocks the Blues in a way that makes my heart and feet both pump. The tunes flow quickly one after another and I like that, you can’t get away from listening to the disc in it’s entirely, you just can’t get into a shut off mood. JW has co-written a number of tunes on the album and they are mixed with a lot of classic compositions. Having The Wind-Chill Factor horn section and special guest appearances by Roxanne Potvin, backup vocal, Colin James on vocals and the added talents of Kim Wilson on harmonica and vocals all make this one memorable recording. The CD is almost an hour long and is definitely Mr. Jones’ best release yet.

From the first note of the rockin’ opening track ”Shake That Mess” I can hear that JWs vocals and guitar slinging have just gotten better with age. With Colin James singing the band does a suburb version of “What You Do To Me” an old song by JohnnyGuitarWatson from 1961. The feeling changes on “Ain’t Gonna Lie”, no horns, but JW wailin’ on the six strings. Kim Wilson takes over the lead vocal on Willie Mabon’s famous “I Don’t Know”. Time to slow the tempo down low on “Cheating Woman” with Kim blowin’ some fine harp and JW singin’ and playin’ the straight ahead Blues. The mood gets a little funky on the instrumental “Nothing On Me”. At this time in my life I can really relate to the lyrics of the haunting Blues contained in “You Can’t Fool Me”. Another hot instrumental “Slow Down” now hits the play list. “Blue Monday” the classic Fats Domino R&B hit is really taken over with Kim’s soulful vocal. The title track “My Kind Of Evil” has a distinguished touch on it’s own. The swamp Blues hits the ears on “You Got Me (Where You Want Me)”, originally recorded by Lazy Lester, with Colin singin’ and Kim layin’ down the harp lines. A swing instrument follows, “Code Blue”, with the band showin’ off the stuff that makes them so good. “Aching Pain” brings you back to the Blues again. The CD ends on a high note with a rockin’ R&B tune “Let’s Have A Ball”, with JW really hittin’ on the vocal and guitar. A must hear, a must have CD, and a must see band as Ottawa's JW-Jones will have his CD release party for “MY KIND of EVIL” at the Silver Dollar Room on Friday May 14 (an 8 PM start). Be there, because this nite will make your heart and your feet both pump.   Eddy B

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