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How to Choose Your Catering Services Provider

It is already the season of celebration. Thanksgiving has passed, Christmas and New year is already fast approaching. You would need to choose to either do your own home-cooked meals, or you can have someone else, such as a catering service, to provide you with meals fit for the celebration.

These caterers create fantastic food and provide exceptional service. But how do you choose your catering service provider? Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself in choosing your provider.

What is my budget?

Your budget is one of the most significant determining factors when choosing your catering service provider. Different caterers provide services depending on the budget you are willing to spend on. It may be a case where lower-priced caterers may come out with a higher margin of error, but it does not mean that they are really a bad choice.

You would have to do some research to be able to get a reflection of how they are able to provide other customers with their services. This way you would be able to have your expectations adjusted as to what they are really capable of, and thus, you can be able to choose wisely and select which one is best fit for the event and the budget.

What services do I need from them?

It might already be a standard that a catering service will provide you with servers, waiters, food containers, etc. But you would have to think if you would need to avail of their other services such as the use of chairs and tables, the use of mobile bars, and alike.

A lot of catering services already offer a wide array of services that may become handier if you avail them. Hosting services, for example, is already available from some catering services, and they come in a package deal at times. You may also want to ask them (just in case) about the prices of additional fees, such as the use of extra tables and chairs, cutleries, plates, and even the damage price.

What would the venue recommend?

Most of the time, venues have their rules and regulations regarding the use of catering services. Some venues are quite strict that you would have to choose from their list of caterers alone as thy exclusively provide them with the services needed. After all, it would be way easier to manage a celebration if there are fewer people you have to deal with at your party.

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Family Fun Activities That Appeal to Kids Outdoor

No matter the family size there are many fun-filled ideas and activities ideal for the whole family. Family activities involve anyone, whether sister, brother, dad, mum, grandma or grandpa. During summer, spring, winter, fall, daytime, nighttime, indoors or outdoors, there are no limits to the plethora of options for family fun. This article provides an answer-guide on what fun family activities are hot right now.

Backyard Fun

The backyard can transform into a play area right in the comfort of your home. While enjoying the outdoor trees, grass or crannies, you can engage in countless activities. Backyards are not only fun but involve a great deal of activity. Some backyards have ponds and rivers flowing through with trees over a century old. You can build a sandbox playground and use gravel instead of sand. The ideal material for the play-sand is pea gravel.

The gravel safeguards your home from sand accumulated on the feet. Alternatively, install a Tarzan swing set. To ensure safety, installing the set will require parental supervision. Some opt for a tree house. Unlike the sandbox or swing, this requires skilled handiwork. The best tree houses are those that are windproof, waterproof and durable.


Outdoor Places to Go

Part of an outdoor experience involves interaction with wildlife. The ecosystem laid out provides a beautiful and abundant showcase for all. Kids have an attraction to BioParks which double up as a fun-filled and learning experience.

The park highlights will vary depending on the underlying theme of the museum. It can be a zoo, botanic garden, aquarium, or fishing lake. Explore to any of these visits will provide an extraordinary learning journey. Walking down the beach experiences offer whole family experiences such as fishing or hiking. A visit to a Nature Park works well with kids as it gives them a hands-on experience.

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There is no greater fulfilling task than biking with the entire family. Those with young kids can start slowly at the parking lot or Local Park. Once you do away with the training wheels, you can chart local routes of the streets. When riding out together, parents should position themselves strategically at the front and back to boost confidence.

Amusement Parks

Fun within the amusement parks relates to riding roller coasters, splashing by waterparks or facing off on a paintball game. During summer, top sensations are family rollercoasters, water rides, among others.

Local Sports

You do not need to attend a considerable sporting franchise in order to enjoy games. Every city or town has their college or high school games. The games might involve baseball or football. For a start, this is a lovely way of enjoying an outdoor experience with your kids.


A mini golf trip is excellent for the family. Noting tells more of such an experience than golf. Golfing in a fun-filled activity and offers a calm environment to compete as a family. The constant coaching, practice, and competition are great for the personal development of the kids.

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Outdoor and daytime activities overlap, but not always. The nighttime activities comprise of stargazing, going out to movies, camping, among others.

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What are some of the best locations for your kid’s birthday party?

Planning a kid’s birthday party can be a truly daunting and head scratching task. One of the most aggravating tasks of the planning process involves determining and finding the best possible location for the party. In most cases, the location type is determined by the occasion itself and its theme. When approaching kid’s birthday party planning, parents usually consider indoor play centers, parks, and restaurants as the best options.

The location

One of the most important factors that will determine the location of the party is, of course, the cost involved. If you have a big enough budget, you can opt to throw a party at a venue, far from your home. This is a great option if you don’t want your house to turn into a downright mess during and after the party. Beautiful birthday party locations can greatly contribute to the overall feel of the party and can make them merrier. Plenty of them will also allow you to invite greater numbers of kids, thanks to their bigger spaces. If you have younger children, make sure to take them to a particular location, before the party, so as to familiarize them and make them more aware of the space and the location itself.

The following are just some of the most popular options you can choose from

Indoor play centers

bouncy castle These centers, also known as playlands, are great for children of various ages. Not only will the children engage in a variety of fun games and activities but the parents will also be able to simply sit back and relax. Indoor centers are secure areas, where the staff is tasked with taking care of the food and beverages, party setup and decor, as well as cleanup. You will not have to plan your own activities and games since they are included and provided by the comprehensive packages a center offers.

Most centers also offer separate party rooms, with their own specific decorations and themes, which can fit various personalities and requirements.


There are a plethora of restaurants that either provide party services or have spaces that are large enough to host parties. Fast food restaurants are usually the best option for little kids. They are also quite affordable, as well. Some do not offer only party services but also ball pits and outdoor play areas where children can have a great time, while the parents keep a close eye on their safety and well-being. If you plan on choosing a restaurant with a banquet type setup, keep in mind that you will most likely have to provide the food, beverages, alongside other materials and decorations.


bouncy castle Last but not least, you can also choose your local park area and host the party there. In most cities, towns, and communities, there are lake and park areas that are specifically designed to offer party and picnic shelters for people to make reservations. Areas such as these usually also provide outdoor play equipment and toys, cooking grills, sandboxes, as well as picnic tables. If you opt for a park, you can invite a lot of friends and family members to your kid’s birthday party, without wondering whether the place will be big enough for all of them. Of course, keep in mind that the weather conditions and the time of the year will be the deciding factors when it comes to this option.